About me

Hi, my name is Erik van den Boom

I have a bike fetisj!

Also I am a photographer. I love nature and camping in the wild. All of that is celebrating together on this site.

In 2005 an old passion returned to me: bike travelling. From that moment I take any opportunity to grab my bike and go on a trip. I found out that even cycling off season was quite well possible, in a way even more special than in summer time.

I became a member of a Dutch club for bike travellers and I am quite active in it. F.e. I am a member of the editorial staff of the club magazine. I like to write stories on my travels and I once in a while do a lecture.

2013 I worked for Bike Dreams, a small company organising challenging bike trips all over the world. I could excel in two other qualities: being of service for people and cooking.

Email: info@bikelike.nl