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Tinana round trip south

If you want to explore the outskirts of Tirana, this is a convenient way to do so. Most of this track (click here to download gpx file) is on paved roads, and if not, the gravel roads are of a good quality.  Only the very western section is a bit more challenging and you may need to walk for some hunders of meters. Less than a kilometer will be on a two lane road, but it is spacious and cars […]

3 days bike trip north of Tirana

In 2017 I did a trip with my dear friend Ilir Hysa, who has been running the Tirana Backpackers Hostel already for many years. We decided to do a short bike trip together. A bit north of Tirana we found this beautiful route. You can download the GPS track here.

Ode to Albania

put on the sound This panorama was shot in the valley parallel to the south coast, in the valley of Kuç, called Lumi i Vlorës and also Mesaplik. In the summer season, the coastal area attracts hundred thousands of tourists, whereas if you hop over to the next valley, there is not even a handful of them. However, the old road from Vlora to the coast, leading through that valley, will be renewed and become the new main connection, ready […]

2005: my very first winter trip

It was a crazy old idea to once do a winter trip. In 2005 I had a wonderful travel destination across the Alps: my girlfriend in Zagreb. I went off, being hosted by many Couch-surfers. Click here for comments and social media sharing.

Ruta Ibérica

Paul Benjaminse assigned me to take pictures for the two guides of his recent route, leading from the south of France all the way to Lisbon. I felt quite honoured. Click here for comments and social media sharing.


Via de la Plata

This is a teaser for a new route by Paul Benjaminse. He updated the cycle version, made by Bert Sitters. I really liked cycling this route. Arriving in Santiago de Compostela was an impressive experience.     Click here for comments and social media sharing.

La Provence in autumn

This is half of a lecture about a trip I did in the Provence, south of France. I was cycling again a route of, again, Paul Benjaminse. Part 2 will follow.

Split (Croatia) – Shkoder (Albania)

To avoid the beautiful yet dangerous and – especially in summer – busy coast road of Croatia and Montenegro, I created an inland route. It leads you through hardly populated and very beautiful areas. You can hop over to the coast and islands on several occasions. for this you need to cross the Velebit mountain range, except from Ploče, which is at sea level. Roughly it follows the old main road from Venice to Dubrovnik, made ‘by’ Napoleon. The new motor way follows the same […]

into winter

This has been my most challenging trip ever. Moreover this was a trip in which I felt dearly connected to Mother Nature and the silence of the winter. Unlike my first winter trip in 2005, this time I was mostly camping in the wild, 2 out of 3 nights. This one I did in 2009 and I followed a mix of routes made by Paul Benjaminse and the Europafietsers. Click here for comments and social media sharing.