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The Dalmatian route: introducing project and publisher

Please read this full post for all information and details. In the video Paul Benjaminse (publisher) and me are explaining what the project is about. In the text you find info for those who want to cooperate. structure of the online information The main route is going to end up in the printed guide, the alternatives are some extra route options and will only be provided as GPG tracks. My specific questions are in the blogposts. The main route is the […]

Tinana round trip south

If you want to explore the outskirts of Tirana, this is a convenient way to do so. Most of this track (click here to download gpx file) is on paved roads, and if not, the gravel roads are of a good quality.  Only the very western section is a bit more challenging and you may need to walk for some hunders of meters. Less than a kilometer will be on a two lane road, but it is spacious and cars […]

The DALMATIAN cycle route???

About the name of the cycle route:   Seen from our Dutch audience, it is an attractive name. That is because Dalmatia is a somewhat exotic name, but still sounds familiar. The subtitle – Trieste – Dubro – Tirana – Corfu – should inform and tease. Tease in the sense of that Tirana is not a very familiar destination, yet. That is how we designed the name.   But sure enough, only a certain section of this route can be […]

I alternative: Zagreb – Ogulin

I am happy with the stretch, starting from Karlovac. I went via Duga Resa because of the very nice camp site there. I am not happy with Zagreb Karlovac. Too busy. What I heard is that the smaller roads are in a bad shape or much more hilly. We definitely need something better than the current version though. Donja Kupčina is nice to visit but the route doesn’t need to pass it. Just before Karlovac there is a short and […]

II alternative: Ogulin – Otočac

I have done this some years ago in summer, it was not so busy. An option is going west from Ogulin: Jasenak > Dreznica. Probably more quiet. Would would you say?

III alternative: Otočac – Obrovac

I am most curious about the pass road over the most beautiful mountain of Velebit. How are the percentages of the pass road? How well is the gravel of the pass road?

IV alernative: Obrovac – Split

Through Bokovica (welcome to the moon) and along Krka National park. How to enter Split in a bike friendly way (same question as in main route)?

V alternative: Split – Metković

This route is an inland option, following for a great part the Napoleon route. I cycled it in spring time, and all was fine. However in summer I was in a bus traveling north, which would leave the super busy Magistrale (coast road) at Omiš and follow the Napoleon route to Split. That section was quite busy at that moment. Is the whole route as displayed busy in summer, or only north of Omiš?

VI alternative: Dubrovnik – Cetinje

This more inland route is more quiet than going along the (beautiful) bay of Kotor. I know the section until after the pass road and (border crossing) east of Trebinje. How is the route from Grahova? All asphalt?

VII alternative: Krk – Karlovac

This is to connect Zagreb with Krk. I have done this a couple of years ago. I have been on a very small path through woods, which was quite wonderful. I think it was asphal, but not sure about that. Anyhow, a car would hardly – or even not – make it. I think it was just under Delnice, but not sure. Google maps shows a road just under Denice which may be the one I did.

VIII alternative: Krk – Jasenak

In order to connect Krk with Otočac I was thinking of this section. Is the section between Mrkopalj and Jasenak OK gravel, or is it more a mountain bike trail?