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bikelike bags

I like to work with leather and over the years I developed several bags for both handle bar and saddle. The handle bar bags are attached by a Click-Fix adapter. The bags are not just expressing a certain style, I can also customize them, so that they are really handy to use. Please contact me if you are interested in these fully handmade bike accessories.

Split (Croatia) – Shkoder (Albania)

To avoid the beautiful yet dangerous and – especially in summer – busy coast road of Croatia and Montenegro, I created an inland route. It leads you through hardly populated and very beautiful areas. You can hop over to the coast and islands on several occasions. for this you need to cross the Velebit mountain range, except from Ploče, which is at sea level. Roughly it follows the old main road from Venice to Dubrovnik, made ‘by’ Napoleon. The new motor way follows the same […]

bike style

into winter

This has been my most challenging trip ever. Moreover this was a trip in which I felt dearly connected to Mother Nature and the silence of the winter. Unlike my first winter trip in 2005, this time I was mostly camping in the wild, 2 out of 3 nights. This one I did in 2009 and I followed a mix of routes made by Paul Benjaminse and the Europafietsers. Click here for comments and social media sharing.